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Do you wonder who’s current boyfriend of hot Rainie Yang?In 2014, she’s in the relationships with Prince (Qiu Wang Zi).“I didn’t even know if she would remember me, but she did and when we met all the old chemistry was instantly there.We started dating and then we decided that we really were going to marry.” On their wedding day, Wang and Xiang went back to the same old bridge and posed once again – this time, for a real wedding photograph. “I kind of always had her in my mind and when I was older I did go back there but she had moved as well and there was no way I could find any more about the family.” But it looks like Wang and Xixi were truly meant to be together.By some strange coincidence, Wang’s parents happened to bump into one of Xixi’s relatives, one day.of 2008, once the photos were blackmailed to Andy Ge he actually bought them to stop them from getting out...

While most people would dismiss such emotions as childish fantasies, Wang never forgot his vow.And his rumors of Xiao Xun is saying that they both are clearly attracted to one another, also saying that they are each other's dream girl or guy.Then there was a time on Wo Ai Hei Se Hui where Xiao Xun mentions about finding her right 'guy' and claiming that the red band on her wrist is from him, people are now speculating that her 'guy' would also have one as well. As for whether who his girlfriend is right now there is no answer except that there are rumors and whether you choose to believe in these rumors are up to you. It is said that there's a photo leak of Gui Gui and Wang Zi wearing couple's outfit and on a date, there are also reports saying they've been dating since Sept.Wang was thrilled to be able to contact his childhood sweetheart again – now a young woman named Xiang Chung.“I got her address and a number and called her and arranged to meet her,” he explained.

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