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You can zoom out and observe the full period of time you someone have played with the microphone. Click the Store button and the red light on the "store" button should appear.The upper right corner should display the size of stored analog data and the video file size.In the upper left corner of the screen, you can find two main markers - Acquisition and Analysis. After that the channel setup screen will be opened, where you will see the Analog section with two analog channels (stereo), a Video section, and Math section.They are used to switch between Acquisition mode to acquire the data, and Analysis mode to process the data. In the Storing section, you can enter the file name and place on the computer where the files will be stored, in the Analog section, you can set up sample rate.

You can download Audio card from our Webpage ( rate is the basic speed with which data will be acquired.This rate needs to be chosen wisely according to the specific situation.One can now tap on the microphone to create trigger shots.It will be nicely distinguishable how different sounds create different patterns.

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