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On the other hand, maybe you're short on Taskbar space or don't want Modern apps on it at all.Well, first you won't want to pin any to the Taskbar, and you can also set them to not show up on the Taskbar when running. Now I have uninstalled and reinstalled both firefox and chrome. Chrome: Only access to website; no access to other website. Response is very [email protected]: To run it as an administrator, type "cmd.exe" into Search and then '''right-click '''on Command Prompt to select '''' Run as administrator'''' Ok, one thing, when i did this it worked perfectly but with the freezes i said.One of the features that has been removed from Windows 10 -- at least for home users -- is the ability to pick and choose when updates are installed.The real concern is that now that updates are not optional, more and more people will be affected whenever a problematic driver is released.

Do you think it's time for Microsoft to reconsider the idea of forced automatic updates?

Note: For these tips to work you'll need the most recent Windows 8.1 update (KB 2919355) which you can download here.

If you have Windows 8.1 set to automatically install Windows updates, which it does by default, then you should already have it.

Mark this down as teething troubles if you will, but there's potential for this to become a huge issue. Over on Forbes, Gordon Kelly has a couple of suggestions: Given Windows 10 updates cannot be stopped the most obvious solution is to uninstall third party driver management and hand it all over to Windows Update to avoid clashes.

This potentially simplifies matters by providing an all-in-one update service, but it does mean taking away control from specialist companies over their own products. Initially this might work, but in April senior Microsoft product marketing manager Helen Harmetz said during a Windows 10 webinar that users who forcibly stopped any Windows 10 updates would eventually have their security updates cut off.

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Internet Explorer 11, enhanced by Yahoo, is the fastest, safest IE to date.

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