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" it is a world run by the Zionist Jewish Influence and Race Tainting Paedophiles that are only here to rape our heritage and destroy the qualities that make us White People great " "We are rarely informed that the Aborigines were a Cannibalistic peoples who were saved from extinction by Captain Cook, as he brought some variety to their diet " "If we do not stand now and perform our god given duty to keep OUR country clean of all the Blacks, Jews and Yellow scum from Asia, WE are just as bad as the enemy, if not worse.

We are trading our race for that of an inferior form of trash.

[4] More interactive mediums, such as email, chat-rooms and discussion groups, create the 'sense of community' and interrelation [5] that is essential to ideological persuasion, membership recruitment, and incitement to racist violence.

Music and computer game merchandising also plays an important role in propagating and reinforcing racist ideology and recruiting new members into racist groups, particularly for young people.

[13] In 2002 there were approximately 25 Australian-created racist websites on the Internet.

[14] The examples below illustrate the content of 6 of these.

[9] Estimates of the number of racist websites have ranged from 600 sites or fewer [10] to more than 2,000 sites.

Through the genetic window of their black eyes you can see the brutal and pitiless Mongol hordes from another time and place lurking just below the surface. Pizzas don't scream when you put them in the oven." is properly a matter of formal investigation and/or judicial determination.The Birka, or full Arab headdress has far less to do with Muslim female modesty than it has to do with the embarrassment of the Muslim Arab male at his wife's ugliness . One page, entitled "Politically Incorrect Humour", contains the following: "Dictionary: Coon (c-oo-n) n. These flamboyant sub-humans love to consume large quantities of greasy fried chicken, inhale petroleum gasoline and listen to fellow apes "sing" rhymes over deaf beats.." "Arabs have little or no knowledge of personal hygiene products such as deodorant or even soap nothing has ever turned my stomach like the fetid stench of unwashed wogs! AUSTRALIAN NAVY TO PERMANENTLY REMOVE ANY INVADING BOAT PEOPLE FROM THE SEA. ALL RETARDS, DOWNS AND TIMMEH'S TO BE STERILISED AND DETAINED IN CAMPS. RACE TRAITORS TO BE PUBLICLY CASTRATED AS AN EXAMPLE TO WOULD BES. One can find these lazy sub-humans infesting areas of the world called urban slums." "How do you get a coon out of a tree? Take your foot off its head and let it rise to the surface." "What is the correct way to stare at a coon?Examples from each of these different forms of racist activity are set out below and are taken, where possible, from Australian created content.The first website of a racist group was created on the Internet in 1995.

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