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Players have been able to create same-sex relationships since the original game, but the way the game has treated these relationships has changed over time.Currently, there is one pre-made same-sex couple in The Sims series.Therefore, once the "Marriage" or "Move In" interaction is completed, the game no longer distinguishes between gay or straight couples.All households containing two or more adult Sims can occasionally receive a random phone call asking them if they want to adopt a baby.When interacting with the Gypsy Matchmaker, Sims are given the option to choose a male or female date, regardless of their gender preference.

Once this happen, run behind Beverly and jump to a lower level after you run around the building.

In The Sims 2, there is the option of formalizing any romantic relationship, but with different titles for gay and lesbian couples (Joined Union) and straight couples (Marriage).

Same-sex couples can go steady with one another and get engaged in the same way as opposite-sex couples.

Just like earlier, you need to meet up with Beverly but, this time he will be waiting for you in a different part of the West Vinewood (the above screenshot).

Follow Beverly towards the entrance to Poppy Mitchell's estate.

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This was carried forward into The Sims 3, but is not as accessible.

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