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She is passionately engaged and devoted to her profession for over 13 years.Providing support to most driven and demanding professionals, Anna mastered the art of service by understanding and catering to the needs accordingly.Simultaneously, she supports assistants in their Personal Branding while marketing themselves on the job market or considering switching professional fields.Delivering increasing value through online posts, Anna is a resident blogger on several well respected sector platforms, sharing her expertise and knowledge regarding business relationships, dealing with workload and difficult situations, fighting to maintain an acceptable work/life balance, getting things done and being the Indispensable Professional that is focused on quality and high standards delivery. skills that will make every assistant a needed, valued and respected professional. skills – because they are a direct multiplier of your hard skills.As she spoke about Theresa May, her voice was drowned out by what some believe was an orgasm sound.Emma continued her report and managed to keep a straight face despite the sound going on for almost a minute.A lot is expected from us nowadays; fast paced environments, tendencies towards managerial duties, complex team dynamics and level up executive thinking process. Undeniably, our hard skill-set is important to take on the excellence challenge, but it’s who you are inside that delivers on external expectations and fulfills the role to the fullest.It’s time to pay attention to the core values that determine how valuable we are on the job market and make them stronger, bigger and better – from within! We just don’t use them consciously and don’t pay attention to the levels of their maturity.

Since 2010, Anna founded a PA service providing company in The Netherlands.It’s not connected to any company, country or continent.It’s the very reason why valued professionals are exceptional at what they do!We expect them to grow with time, gain the experience as we go. Taking control over your soft skills is the ultimate purpose for this webinar!As you learn to become your best self and use the superpowers of soft skills, you’ll become more successful with ease.

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Join Anna in learning to accelerate your skills to cultivate an empowered professional mindset of an astonishing Indispensable Professional!

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