Savior complex in dating

The same thing happens to men when they spot that prized female with the extensive track record and try to throw limitations on her.

The only guys that a stripper is seriously fucking with are rappers and other high-profile type dudes, not some desperate ass John who spends every one of his paychecks in the champagne room.

In her weekly column, she gives Complex readers insight into what today's young women really think about love, sex, and relationships.

Growing up, I was always told by voices of reason that there was no such thing as “turning a hoe into a housewife,” but it’s amazing how many dudes are willing to put their pride and ego aside in hopes of rescuing the ideal woman.

One person holds all the power so that every time the other wants to leave, they’re made to feel worthless on their own.

So while I don’t doubt that legit romances can form between two individuals in such a situation, it’s definitely impossible to be equals in a relationship where someone considers them self to be your savior.

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  2. Here's the gist: You're an awkward young man or woman with social skills so terrible that a fairy from a magical land of love decides to take you under her wing.