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Did you end up finding a working solution for yourself (OP) and if so, what'd you do? Alot of their "APIs" are just worker processes they run in the background that screen scrapes your bank data. The rep also mentioned that Mint no longer uses Yodlee and they switched to a proprietary software that intuit developed.Also, the startup cost for yodlee is ,000 dollars a year. Actualy, OFX also supports making bill payments, stop a check, intrabank and interbank transfers etc. See it here: OFX/Services I have code that used to work with Chase, but I just pulled it out of mothballs yesterday and while it works will all my other financial institutions it no longer works with Chase for some odd reason (just returns an unspecified error, doesn't even get OFX XML back...)For future visitors trying to connect with Gnu Cash, I found some answers to new issues. You have to edit the 'header version' from 102 to 103. It is probably necessary to enter a Client UID along with your username. It says you need to check Chase's Secure Message Center to confirm the app.George Baily's answer proved to be the most helpful.I considered listing gnucash, but discarded the idea because the software is billed as an “accounting” package.GRS readers report that it’s actually very suitable for personal finances.Also, checkout https://plaid.com/, they are a similar company and provide both authentication API for several banks and REST-based transaction fetching endpoints.

Unfortunately, programs like Microsoft Office and Photoshop can be bank-account breakers.The more expensive versions include Outlook and Microsoft Publisher in addition to Word, Excel and Power Point.Instead of MS Office, try Libre Office, which contains a word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation software and much more.Mint provides free service by using your financial data to allow banks to target you with ads.I think the answer left by user1319829, below, is the best approach.

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Fortunately, open source software is here to save the day.

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