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Their struggle to keep the relationship out of the public eye further compounded the tension within their relationship.While Diana found herself yearning for a serious commitment, Khan viewed the prospect of their marriage as unrealistic, due to cultural differences.

Nearly 16 years after her death at age 36 in a car crash in Paris, royal watchers all over the globe are still fascinated by the late "People's Princess." Many hope to get the inside story on her life via a new biopic, about the big-budget flick, Khan denied claims that he had given the film his approval (tacit or otherwise).

Scheduled for September of that year, he intended to take a year and a half-long unpaid sabbatical from the hospital.

His short-term future plans as a physician included establishing free cardiac health services for the poor, at the Abdul Razzaq Welfare Trust Hospital in the Pakistani village of Badlot near Jhelum, his hometown.

"Hasnat was a decent, intensely private man from a traditional, conservative Pakistani family, and he was worried about how it would work," Jemima explained.

"And he hated the thought of being in the glare of publicity for the rest of his life." As a result, Diana sought comfort with Fayed.

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