Is troy and gabriella still dating

Troy eventually decides to look for a summer job to gain money for college.

Sharpay and Ryan Evans plan to spend part of the summer at their family's country club, Lava Springs ("Fabulous"), but Sharpay's summer plans also include pursuing Troy, whom she has arranged to be hired at the club. Fulton, into hiring Gabriella and their close group of friends as well; including Taylor and Chad.

Then Troy confronts Sharpay, informing her that he will not sing with her.

The Wildcats and Chad forgive Troy for his absence and convince him to sing in the talent show, which he does only under the condition that they are all allowed to perform as well.

Troy shows Gabriella around the school, and they pause in front of the sign-up sheet for the winter musical auditions, where she Sharpay Evans, who assumes that Gabriella is interested in auditioning.

In order to eliminate competition for the lead, Sharpay investigates her past and arranges for the scholastic decathlon captain, Taylor Mc Kessie, to find out about Gabriella's past academic achievements, she refuses to join the team, but Taylor and her quickly become good friends.

Gabriella expresses her loss of trust with Troy ("Gotta Go My Own Way") and leaves Lava Springs.Fulton to ban all junior staff members from performing.Gabriella angrily confronts Sharpay about her interference and quits her job at Lava Springs.(In the extended version, Sharpay and Ryan trap Troy as he prepares for a date with Gabriella, and perform their potential show stopper ("Humuhumunukunukuapua'a").)Ryan realizes he does not mean much to Sharpay anymore, as she is ready to blow her brother aside for the opportunity to perform with Troy.This leads to tension between the twin siblings and Ryan angrily informs Sharpay that he will no longer obey her orders.

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Gabriella Montez fights faster than the other characters in the game and places Gabriella Montez first on the Tier List of Super Smash Bros. Gabriella Montez is the leading lady of the High School Musical trilogy and the girlfriend to Troy Bolton. Extraordinarily beautiful and academically gifted, she meets Troy at a lodge during thier winter vacation and are forced to sing in a karaoke contest.

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