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I think my favorite part of the whole scene, was when Anya called for a doctor, and that Old Guy sitting next to them got up from his chair. ) “I faked a pregnancy for you,” Anya helpfully reminds Holly J., as the latter reluctantly chokes on an olive. but I kind of which I didn’t) So, I’m just going to go with it . to tell everyone that, even though they can’t PDA with their loved one inside the hallowed halls of Degrassi, they CAN buy them cheap half-dead flowers, and take them out to the CHEAPEST DATE EVER, at the Romantic School Cafeteria. Anya’s buying some some flowers from Holly J, who’s probably concerned they will be for Anya’s EX-BEAU, and her current, sort of beau, Cheeseball Sav . The up-do hairstyle, and over large FLOWER necklace, were a bit much for a date at a steak house, where the waitresses dress like cowgirls, don’t you think? As it turns out, he’s a BIG Dungeons and Dragons fan! And I’m willing to bet, that in real life, their ages are not nearly as far apart, as they are on the show.) After dinner, Anya wants dessert (Hint, Hint, Wink, Wink).

Boy finds out Girl is WAY taller than boy, which makes boy feel inadequate and effeminate. Maybe, he saw Anya’s number on his cell phone, but called her back on the hospital phone. Then some chicky, who’s way more age-appropriate looking for Dr. Since when do First Year Medical Residents have their own line extensions at MAJOR state facilities? Maybe I’m spending way too much time thinking about on a two-second clip for this show . Mc Too Old wants Anya to go out on a date with him. As the site for their first date, she chooses Little Miss Steaks, where Holly J. (And because the name sounds like Little Mistakes . Mc Too Old thinks Anya is in college, she tells him she will meet him after her “college seminar .

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