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I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into me.

His hands went to my ass and he was grabbing me and squeezing me and pulling me against his groin.

I could feel his cock against me and if felt fabulous.

The kiss broke and we both moaned in unison into each other's mouths.

It wasn't until I turned 51 that I decided it was time to subscribe to the internet.

I quickly found my way into some porno sites and then into some gay chat rooms.

I could hear him gasp air as my lips engulfed his cock and wrapped around them.

Throughout my adulthood I would stop at adult bookstores and adult movie theaters for my gay experiences..believe me, I had many of them.

For that matter, I'm not out at all and keep my bi-sexual live very well guarded.

I also love sucking a nice hard cock, but never really cared for or attempted to eat someone's ass.

But have my licked and sucked, and I was putty in the guys hands and will do absolutely anything he says.

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He told me his name was Damon and he would like the opportunity to meet me. We chatted a little and we gave each other a more physical description of each other. " I told him, "I'll see you in 20 minutes." While chatting on line, I told him how sensitive my ass is to physical attention, and how much I like being kissed.

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