Dating telecaster bridge plates

Next step is smoothing out the contours with the 120 grit drum and hand files (photo 6). When smooth, the bridge is ready to be reinstalled on your guitar.

Have a Telecaster with a newer style 6 saddle bridge?

Whenever cutting, grinding, or polishing metal, we suggest wearing protective eyewear as well as gloves to prevent injury.Have you been thinking about installing a vibrato on your vintage Telecaster, but love the stock bridge?In many cases, it is possible to modify the stock bridge plate to accommodate the new string path!Fender is proud to offer some of the most iconic musical instruments and amplifiers of the past 60 years.Some Fender products are intentional recreations or reissues of vintage guitars and amplifiers, and may therefore incorporate markings or text associated with original patents that have since expired.

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Specific examples of such models include patent numbers on the tremolo plates and decals of the Jaguar® and Jazzmaster® guitars, "Pat Pending" on some vintage Telecaster® guitar bridge plates, and "Design and Circuits Patented" language on the control panels of certain model amplifiers in Fender Vintage Modified, Vintage Reissue and Custom lines.

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