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By ’31 Dobro introduced the Model 50 tenor guitar, with a bound fretboard and a mandolin-size resonator in a guitar-size body. Later in the ’30s Regal in Chicago confused things by numbering a run of Dobros across the same range.An early California instrument can be identified by square slot-ends in the headstock, coverplate screws in the points of numbers on a clock, and the lack of a dot at the 17th fret. By 1933 Dobro moved the screws to the half-hour points so a repairman could open a guitar without removing the tailpiece.

National’s president, George Beauchamp, overruled Dopyera and rushed the Triolian into production in late 1928.These were Dobro guitars that in those particular years carried a list price of .It was not a good system, and the company stuck it with until production ceased at the dawn of World War II.The Model 55 became the Model 56 (some ads specified hardware plated with nickel instead of chrome).The scrollwork Model 60 evolved into two styles: the Model 66, with a fretboard of red bean wood, and the Model 66-B, with a bound body.

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