Dating scam baiting

Usually most users avoid online scams, but there are out people who fall victims to different scam schemes every day.

Sometimes the tables turns and people purposefully engaging the scams, while being fully aware of the real scam.

At this moment when the scam baiter receives the letter, the scam baiting starts.

Usual users just deletes letters like this but scam baiters will not do this.

Batters often use the names of the jokes or links to a Western popular culture which, whereas apparently absurd to dear or fluent English speaker, remain an unnoticed fraud.

Likewise, baiters may input characters, and even storylines of the films or TV shows for comedic effect.

It is called Advance Fee Fraud because the scammer will almost always require an advance payment of some sort in exchange for the money he promised to the victim.

It is a scheme of online fraud that not only causes financial loss to individuals and businesses, but also can bring emotional or psychological damage to victims.

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Scambaiting activites can be divided into different categories like: A lot of time and effort is used to fight against the scammers.

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