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We are constantly presented with messages that our appearance matters more than anything else, and that it is intrinsically tied to our inherent worth as people.

At a conference, I saw Joanna Lord speaking on an otherwise all-male panel.

Don’t ask us to come back to your room, even if it’s just to see your new tablet or whatever. A chaste, mutual hug is very different from nonconsensual, vaguely sexual touching.

It’s not necessarily sexual assault but is very uncomfortable.

You’re at an industry function, talking to women who are your industry peers.This brings me to one of my main points here: context matters.It’s part of what makes it so hard to discuss sexism at conferences, because behaviors that might be fine between one set of people could be inappropriate among others.Why I can’t just get over it: These events are about networking, and as long as men are trying to pick up women at networking events – as long as there’s even the idea in your heads that you might hook up tonight – it’s going to be tougher for women to network.That means we don’t get the same advantages from networking events that men do, which is holding us back in our professional careers, and that sucks big time. “Why would you object to being told you’re a beautiful woman?

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