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"We're not [about] college students, we're not [about] adults. and the UK has brought attention to's lack of protection against harassment.We look at this as though we have a responsibility to monitor the feed, take things down and essentially curate., which launched in June 2010, asks users to pose questions and leave anonymous comments. In 2013, former British prime minister David Cameron called for a boycott of "irresponsible websites." In late 2016, announced a "rebranding" that positioned the app as a Q&A platform — one with more than 150 million active users today."There's really nothing new about what this is doing," says David Ryan Polgar, digital citizenship expert and head of trust and safety for Friendbase, a virtual world for teens."The larger point that we need to decide when designing these environments is pretty philosophical — at our core, 'how are people?Before the app shut down in 2015, tech blogs and anti-harassment groups criticized Secret, and a Brazilian court even ordered Apple and Google to remove the app from its app stores.

However, Apple requested After School update its rating to "17 " after two students posted gun threats.After School is perhaps the least known anonymous app due to its restricted user base: high school students only.The demographic is encouraged to post updates to their school's "board." But parents and teachers can't log on to regulate what's happening.Whisper -- one of the most well-known annoymous apps -- has a simple premise: Users post photos with captions divulging a "secret" for others to "heart," or Like.Some users post random thoughts and embarrassing stories from their childhood; others have shared stories of sexual assault or abuse.

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