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That was the year my parents pulled my sister and I out of the Coney Island elementary school we had attended and we wound up at our zone school in Gravesend, P. It's tough for grown men, professionals - much tougher for an 11 year-old.

It was traumatizing, spending kindergarten through 5th grade with the same kids, the same friends, and then being traded to the local team during your farewell season.

Finally, I met someone, not online but at a friend's wedding, and if I hadn't spent the past 118 months conducting "fieldwork" I would have never had the confidence to ask him to dance in the first place.

(Which really means instead of buying into my crazy he politely ignores it and provides distraction until my brain returns and I am once again capable of logical thought).I don’t know how many times I’ve texted my kid, “Where r u? They knew that we would eventually come home; usually at whatever time they told us to be home because that’s what we did.” and been frustrated that I didn’t get an immediate response. Now, my kids can’t keep track of the time even though they have a phone glued to their hands—a phone with an alarm. If my parents weren’t home then we were on our own.I do this even though both of them are perfectly capable of cooking a real meal – they are 19 and 15 after all – or simply improvising (cereal or a peanut butter sandwich for dinner never killed anyone).The biggest difference, however, between my parents’ generation and parents today is that we know so much about our children.

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Because of this shift in the parenting culture we know everything our children are doing and thinking and saying. Our parents didn’t hang on every word we said, they didn’t micro-manage our lives and, most importantly, they didn’t want to. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Connie Lissner and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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