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Unfortunately, we often learn best through our mistakes.Plus, it's unfair to assume that every kid using Snapchat is sending pictures of his junk.Snapchat is yet another tool that allows friends to joke around and create fun dialogues with each other — without the pressure of looking "hot" all the time.

But the same morals that shaped a good person 20 years ago still apply today; no social media platform or device will change that.

Well-known for its promiscuous reputation, the app lets users send quick, SMS-like messages, which can include candid photos or videos that (supposedly) disappear seconds later — "never to be seen again." Unless you take a screenshot, that is.

In that case, Snapchat notifies the sender — or not, because anyone familiar with the Internet should know that nothing you share is 100% private.

They asked for it, so I just started sending — mostly snaps of my dog, or some random activity, like singing along to the radio.

Almost every snap included some elaborate drawing — the doodle feature is part of what makes Snapchat so addicting.

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