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If you don't, you could end up at the bottom of your date's virtual address book.If things didn't go well on your date, don't be shocked any longer if your heart is put on the line.Since the invention of smartphones, singles have been feuding over texting versus calling--and for good reason.These days even emojis are getting in the way of relationships.The daters, ages 21 to 50, give even greater insight into mobile behaviors and a new range of dating questions: Do you check your phone during a date? Should a friend call or text you to see how the date is going?

But while texting her "hello" may be less intimidating, that doesn't mean it's what women prefer.Drew Johnson has learned that when it comes to asking a woman out, texting beats calling every time."Most of the girls I've hung out with lately prefer a group activity rather than one-on-one," says Johnson, 30, a mechanical engineer from West Chicago, Ill., who plays bass in a band."From my observations, the response rate on, 'Do you want to go for dinner or meet for a drink?Texting has created a new brand of mobile etiquette, and for dating, it has given rise to new ways of flirting and even defining exactly what's going on between two people.A new survey of 1,500 daters provided to USA TODAY reveals how deeply mobile technology has rocked the dating world.

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68 percent of singles still want to talk on the phone or in person to schedule dates.

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