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The analysis of examples from a corpus of Caribbean dating ads also shows how advertisers make use of particular cultural references, lexical items and spelling adaptations in their creation of an authentic Caribbean persona and as a means to establish common ground with a potential partner. You are all alone and you can’t wait to see her in her full beauty, to I contacted 100 girls from 10 different countries to find out if this is the best dating site for men who are looking for girls in the Caribbean.

It turns out that it is, but not for every country.I don’t know why but there’s something about these girls that makes my heart beat faster.You would feel the same way if you saw the pictures that this Jamaican beauty uploaded on Caribbean Cupid…I didn’t receive one single reply, which lowered my response rate dramatically.These are the countries with the most female members.And it doesn’t surprise me why most men are looking for girls in the Bahamas, Barbados and Belize. This makes contacting, meeting and eventually dating these girls so much easier.

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Unfortunately, the only two words I remember from high school are baguette and salut. Then I received the first reply and it was written in English.​I have to admit something.

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