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Birth control diaphragms are also available at pharmacies and a prescription is not needed.

The same applies for emergency contraception (the next day pill).

Additionally, a woman can walk into literally any hospital and ask to see one.

Without medical insurance, a visit to the doctor will cost anything between 15 and 30 euros, but not more than that.

This website provides a list of doctors around Bulgaria.

Not everything on the website is translated, but if one is completely lost in this area it is a good enough source.

In Bulgaria there’s a saying: “A man may be the head of the family, but the woman is the neck.

When the neck turns, so does the head.” This sentence describes the situation in Bulgaria when it comes to women’s rights.

There’s a group of women in Bulgaria, who are called “buns.” This is supposed to describe a type of girl with fillers in her lips, a boob job, perfectly straight hair and a ton of make up.

Most people won’t really say anything, but they’ll judge. Different sexuality is quite new for Bulgarians (believe it or not) and they can tolerate it when not demonstrated.

Everything that pokes them in the eyes however, they’ll moan about, criticize and discriminate against.

There are two well-known chains of groceries around Bulgaria (Lilly’s and DM), which offer some really good products as well, including intimate wet tissues – a real life-saver when a woman is on the go!

Condoms are sold absolutely everywhere in Bulgaria including supermarkets, petrol stations, small local stores, etc.

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Generally breastfeeding in public is accepted, but I would recommend using a scarf.

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