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Right now (June, 1977) I am training with the single set system adding weight whenever possible.When you are training for size, how do you determine how long your rest periods will be between sets until you are ready to do another set? My main emphasis in training is to completely clear my mind so I can go to the gym and train while not really thinking.Picture of Frank Zane Doing the Vacuum Pose The comments and suggestions contained in the seminar and interview are what worked for Frank Zane personally at the present time, and in no way means you will become Mr. However, I am sure you will gain a wealth of useful information as I did. How much value do you place in vitamin supplements?Certain vitamins in high dosages can have almost a drug-like effect on your body, but only taken in high dosages will this be achieved. B1 for example is lipotrophic it helps carry fats through the blood stream. ONE WORD OF CAUTION WHEN TAKING VITAMINS OF ANY TYPE.Zane's Seminar Comments: I eat around 200 grams of protein a day. I have three yeast drinks a day for 30 total grams.That averages out to about 1 gram for every pound of bodyweight. Along this line, I will have three protein drinks for another 30 grams. It isn't the training or the nutrition or your mental attitude or how much sleep you get. You can't rely on any one thing as the SECRET to bodybuilding success.The way that I do use it though is to take some mixed in a drink one hour before I begin training. I am really down on simple sugars, of any kind (raw, white, honey, etc.).This raises the blood sugar in the body and in this way, I get an extremely good pump. When you eat sugar, your blood sugar in your body shoots very high in a 20-minute period.

The ideal way to do this is to eat small quantities of food (or small meals) or 30 gram protein snacks every two hours and take your vitamins throughout the day with these feedings.How do you train with maximum effort with a minimum of time?Remember when you have minimum time, you can't have maximum effort.Taken in amounts of 1000 to 2000 grams, it will put you to sleep in about one-half hour. Then I would fall into this very deep relaxed sleep. So this amounted to four or five hours of training and ten to twelve hours of sleep a day.I would sleep about three or four hours and get up and take care of some business or just lie in the sun. I found that the rest helped me grow bigger physically.

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Tryptophan is what is called a neurotransmitter to the brain.

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