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While we're still freaking out over being reunited with our favorite Disney Channel Original Movies during the upcoming Memorial Day marathon, two actual Disney stars we know and love are reuniting for real.films, a pairing which, over the course of the trilogy, evolved from a friendship to a relationship. Both were quick with the jokes and sassy comebacks and were there for BFFs Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) whenever there was ~drama~ in the squad.

This time, it was heartthrob and his leading lady, Vanessa Hudgens, seemed incredibly happy, walking arm-in-arm on and off the red carpet for 5 years. In April 2014, there were reports of Zac hooking up with another one of his co-stars.

10 pics inside of Lennon, Maisy, Monique Coleman and more…

turned 10 earlier this year, and with that great wave of nostalgia came a major reunion.

His co-star Monique Coleman shared a lovely group photo on Facebook of some of the cast, including Olesya Rulin and Lucas Grabeel (with girlfriend Emily Morris).

Mo brought along her hubby Walter Jordan, while choreographer Chucky Klapow also attended.

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