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The former pop star and actress likened the experience to an abduction.'Once I went and got picked up by a guy and we drove around for ages, went to dinner and then he kidnapped me, he wouldn't drive me home,' she said.We ended up going to a basketball game, the night just wouldn't end and I couldn't get home.'Meanwhile, she also revealed that her phobia of velvet let to another disastrous date.Be prepared to answer questions about your past, your challenges, and your successes; why you agreed to this first date; and also, inevitably, what happened to end your last “partnership.” No matter how horrible your past relationships were, you should never bad-mouth previous partners: playing the victim isn’t attractive to anyone, and you never know who your date might know.These top-line questions are crucial: answer them incorrectly, and there’s not much else you can say to redeem yourself. In most situations, a hiring manager will let you know the protocol: for instance, whether there is a phone screening, or how many rounds of interviewing you must tackle. In my years of recruiting, my friends and family often referred to me as a headhunter, but I found the best way to describe myself was as a matchmaker for employers and jobseekers.Here are a few ways to get started: Imagine your first interview as a first date.Dan Ariely: I became interested in online dating because one of the people who were sitting in an office next to me was incredibly miserable, and he was an assistant professor; he just moved to the university where I was at; he was spending long hours; he was not finding anybody to date; he was, couldn’t date students at the university, he was a professor; he didn’t have time to go outside.You know, we were not particularly a social bunch, you know, he was basically stuck. So I start looking by registering myself and looking at other people and then I said, let me ask some of my friends to enroll.

Embarking on a first date, you may find your counterpart’s mother or another chaperone tagging along; if you’re interested in going to the next level, you’d better embrace the arrangement!

In a video posted on The Bachelorette's Instagram account, the Australian model confessed her past romantic tragedies, one which ended up being a terrifying ordeal.

The blonde beauty addressed what was definitely her most awkward date of all - a man who just wouldn't give up.

With these tips in mind, you could be meeting the family by your second date!

At first glance, dating and job interviews don't seem to have much in common. Turns out there's a lot job seekers can learn from going on first dates and online dating in general.

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In this scenario, your “date” is likely as unsure as you are – and the more insecure you seem, the more uncomfortable your date will be.

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