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In this case, you can add the On some forms, like the Google home page for example, you want the focus to immediately jump to a specific input so that the user can quickly begin using the form.

While there are Java Script helpers to do this, they can sometimes be annoying when they move focus after you’ve already started typing.

The Java Script validation APIs can provide custom validation logic and prompt users with easy to understand error messages when they’ve provided invalid data.

Remember: Even with client side input validation, it is always important to validate data on the server to ensure consistency and security in your data.

For example, datalists can provide auto-complete in text boxes suggesting options to the user.

You may want to use this in fields like one-time passwords, pin numbers or password hints.

For example, to make the part number in the previous example required, we’d simply add the required attribute.

You can also use the min and max attributes on any of the date type inputs.

Mobile browsers are relatively consistent in showing the right keyboard depending on the input type selected.

For the most up to date information, check out the state of HTML5 Form Features on Can or The Current State of HTML5 Forms from Wufoo. These new input types give hints to the browser about what type of keyboard layout to display for on-screen keyboards.

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