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But a Spacey-free could find renewed life as an Oscar darling, in part because Hollywood likes nothing better than a story about a hard-luck kid who overcomes the odds and succeeds.

Plummer would now seem a serious candidate for Best Supporting Actor, a prize he first won in 2012 for his performance as a late-blooming father in would not only be sweet additional glory for a great actor, but also a form of poetic justice: Plummer was originally supposed to play Getty, but the studio insisted on Spacey, thinking him to be a more marketable actor.

But if any actor can pull off a speedy switcheroo of such import, it’s Plummer, who has played many rogues and heroes in a screen career stretching nearly 60 years.“He has the ability to assume and consume a role,” says Toronto filmmaker Barry Avrich, who produced two Stratford Festival films that Plummer starred in, .

The Isabelle Stevenson Award is presented annually to a member of the theatre community who has made a substantial contribution of volunteered time and effort on behalf of one or more humanitarian, social service or charitable organizations.

Gareth Fry is an award-winning sound designer best known for creating work for leading UK theatre directors such as John Tiffany, Complicite’s Simon Mc Burney, Sacha Wares and Katie Mitchell.

Read more: How Toronto filmmaker Barry Avrich says ‘no’ to moguls: Howell He plans to re-release the film next year.

In his recent memoir, , Avrich said he was forced to water down his Weinstein film by distributor IFC Films, whom he felt was acting at the behest of Weinstein.

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