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The Fireside Girls are working on their last few patches. Now in high school, a chance comment by Ginger has Phineas wondering if he missed something way back when, and if maybe it's time to try it after all... But as Isabella and Gretchen quickly discover, something is a little mixed-up. Isabella gasped and covered her mouth using her hands. But what if the boy calls her accidentally as he didn't mean to do? A moment of Phinbella friendship and eventual romance when a school dance doesn't go quite as planned. But strangely, Phineas can't help but look at what was so beautiful about her in the first place... But on one of his usual Saturday morning bike rides, our favorite red-headed inventor discovers his best friend from across the street in - let's just say - a little bit of a compromising position. The same is for two people in love, such as Phineas and Isabella. Well our favorite characters will have to learn to live with that.

Phineas and Ferb have always been there to help in the past. A stand-alone story of volleyball, bad dates, and the hazards of making promises to yourself. Ferb can't seem to turn off his mouth, while Phineas is silent as a tomb! K plus for kisses."Because, I love you." Phineas furrowed his eyebrows. I'm accepting requests for one-shots/songfics, so PM or review me with ideas, please. Part of "(Please) Don't Read This Journal." One-shot. His heart is beating too fast, his head is pounding too loud, and his stomach is soaring through the skies. So, sit back and start reading the over hundred chapters dedicated to the moments in time between two people such as Phineas and Isabella. So when some girl shows up claiming someone is trying to kill her boss. Join Phineas, Isabella, Buford, Baljeet, Ferb and a New Character and their adventure with that. I'm sorry if I insulted anyone but it's just my opinion so please don't be insulted. However, their experience turns out to be a lot different than they expected when an emergency situation causes him to see a new side of her - a side responsible for saving someone's life. Ferb holds him back with the hand without the flower. I'll put them together in the story if it makes sense. Buford soon realizes that while in her imagination, Isabella's Phineas-land day dreams aren't just fantasies. When Phineas invites Isabella to go baby shopping for Candace, he expects it to be like any other usual shopping experience: nothing extravagant. Current Stories I am working on: Mystified: Currently working on Sunday. A myriad of short, unrelated, untraditional Phineabella stories and songfics. Luckily Phineas is there and he'll do anything to help her achieve her goal, even if it means giving a kiss.

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